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Image by Kelli McClintock

What is a "Guardian" 

Being a "Guardian" means much more than being a parent, or a husband. Its a vocation rediscover the deepest truth, strength, courage, wisdom and love that is within you, for the prosperity of yourself, your tribe, and all of those around you. Its a lifelong commitment to get better every day, and push the boundaries of your capacity to love yourself and others.


Its a committment to overcome the fears, self-limiting beliefs, negative emotions and the unconscious conditioning that is stopping you from living a life of excellence, on your terms. You have this boundless love, strength, and courage within you always, and a Guardian's purpose is to find it, and share it. 


A Guardian's, our guiding principles are: 

  • We are the creators of our own reality, by the choices that we make. We are not at the effect of people, circumstances or luck. We are the Divine Creators of our Life  

  • We recognize that our future drives our present, rather than the past

  • We run towards challenge and adversity for the growth and wisdom they provide

  • The Well-Being, Prosperity and Security of our Tribe is the honor our of life

  • Our love and happiness comes from within, not from the external

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